The Bi-Level Is Back, New Funkadelic

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: The Bi-Level Is Back New Funkadelic

The Bi-Level or New Mullet has little in common with the ’80s extreme of Billy Ray Cyrus so much as reference the ’70s cuts of Rod Stewart, Patti Smith and Joan Jett, as in the Daria Werbowy campaign of self-portraits for the French lind Equipment, in which she wears a long and shaggy black wig.

“I find that it has a beautiful balance, a golden idea,” said Thanos Samaras, who styles hair for fashion shoots. “There can be many interpretations of the mullet, from a shag that timidly veers to being a little too long at the back, to the point where often people can’t even decipher the mullet-ian proportions, like the early Brigitte Bardo super-thick, chunky bangs.”

My feeling is that these cutting edge styles are funky, extreme, and fun to wear! It is a versatile style whether one wears it loose and wavy like Meg Ryan or slicked back like Sharon Stone in “Circa Basic Instinct.”

The Editor’s View: The Bi-Level is a soft-cut with spiky or disheveled separation on the top for Grunge & Funky movement your friends will love! Greater movement everywhere for any Rock & Roller using texture spray or wax like product to make your hairs stand out.

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