Trending In Ladies Haircuts and Girly Girls this Summer! | August 16th, 2021

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This Weeks Blog : Monday August 16th 2021: Trending In Ladies Haircuts and Girly Girls this Summer!

What is trending from the above title is a Bob cut where the lengths are either chin or above shoulder level. The description of this cut has multi-dimensional layering terminating the last 2″- 3 inches of your hair’s length textured for transparency and greater movement for today and tomorrow’s fashion statement. This manner for cutting transformational shapes have an appealing edge and cooling comfort not exclusively for the summer… year ‘round.

The upkeep is easy, you may apply a super light application of mousse or hair gel, comb through damp scrunch lightly to finish leaving natural to dry or scrunch your hair while power drying just lower your head and adjust the temp setting on low then power dry and wallah! No more combing or brushing when your style is complete, just finish with your hands… they’re your best tools!

Editor’s view: One of my favorite ways to shape a cutting edge bob, texturize and under cut followed by slicing & channeling techniques for added definition & texture. The perimeter line is leveled and designed to wrap around from back infinitely through both of your sides.
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