8 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior To Your Next Haircut

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This Weeks Report: Monday: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Your Next Haircut

Are you considering about five haircuts for your next appointment? Possibly long, layered or textured and you’re constantly on the hunt for a new style and you’ve probably got a Pinterest board of a few dream haircuts too. The only downside of haircuts is that jumping into them may wind up leaving you upset with a bad style until it grows out (which can take forever), so doing prep work before the salon appointment can really help to steer you in the right course. If you’re thinking of making a chop soon, ask yourself the eight questions first.

1. Why do I actually want a haircut? Much of the time, we see a haircut in an editorial spread on a model and because it looks good on them, we immediately want that look. At times that may be the case, it’s important to consider faces shape and hair type before making your haircut decisions. You want the haircut because the model looks good with it, or do you think the cut will suit and make you feel more confident? If you’re answering yes to the latter, it may be the right move.

2. Would you be happy with the amount of maintenance this new cut would require? You may be setting yourself up for a high maintenance hairstyle each day. For short hair to look good, it needs to be styled just about every day, whereas long hair is typically more user friendly. Ladies who typically spend only five minutes or less on their hair every day could wind up hating high maintenance hairstyles.

3. Have you tried on this hairstyle virtually yet? Before you commit to a cut.

4. Do I trust the person cutting my hair? Trying out new stylists can be great, but when you’re making a big style change, it’s important that you know and trust who’s cutting and shaping your hair so that the right kind of communication can happen.

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