Conclusion – 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Haircut

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This Weeks Report: Monday: Conclusion – 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Haircut

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5. Does this new style suit my personality? This goes for hair color too, but really asking yourself if a cut suits your personality will help make the decision a lot easier. It you’re laid back and love to braid your hair or pull it into top knots for a bohemian vibe, a pixie cut may not suit you as well.

6. Am I able to donate the hair that I cut off? Big hair decisions can sometimes mean a whole lot of hair being cut off. If you can, see if you’re eligible to donate your hair once you chop it off. There’s no sense in not helping someone in need if you can! MORE: New Hair Colors: 8 Hues to Try for Spring.

7. Do I know how to style my hair for this cut? Does the cut you’re looking to get require wax? Mousse? A blow dryer? Curling iron? It may take you a bit to get the hang of styling your new hair, but understanding that a new cut usually requires a new way of styling is the first step towards good hair days.

8. Would I be happy if I had to wait for my hair to grow out? Sometimes, even if you think you’re going to love a new cut and it suits you, you get home from the salon and just wind up hating it. If you’re someone who will be miserable while waiting for your hair to grow out, you may want to work towards a new cut in stages instead of all at once, so you can gradually make a decision you’ll be happy with.

Editor’s view: Searching for the right haircut can either be fun or difficult. Depending on how prepared you are prior to visiting a hairstylist. When I conduct a consultation and a client shows pictures of his or her favorite styles shown on models with similar shaped faces and hair textures to yours. Certainly the most direct way of assuring greater success for your conquest. Take your time and have fun with your homework assignment by involving your closest friends especially your significant other.

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