A Gentlemen’s Groomed High Fashioned Haircut

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog February 7th 2022 : Glamorous Shoulder Length Cut with Long Layers 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog February 14th 2022 : A Gentlemen’s Groomed High Fashioned Haircut – A term that benefits a Man who comports himself as the aforementioned applies. A gentlemen possesses a strong work ethic with gentle and upperclass manners. He takes pride in his work and strives to give his best everyday. He is reliable, dedicated, self-disciplined, humble, and a team player. He leads by example and is well lead.
Recent History: Now that we have acquainted ourselves on the definition of a groomed gentleman’s haircut, allow me to carry through a man’s honorary ethics and help to deliver a personalized hair cut that is tailored and shaped that will frame your facial features and designed for your lifestyle.
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