Glamorous Shoulder Length Cut with Long Layers

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog January 31st 2022 : Free Layered & Textured Bob @Times Square 
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog February 7th 2022 : Glamorous Shoulder Length Cut with Long Layers – Glamorous Hair has flirtatiously returned thank you. We are learning to cope with our current situation visiting our favorite restaurants, cinemas, museums again with discretion. It could be a wonderful feeling to look and dress your best, your upbeat style will receive complements on your hair and attire with glowing reviews.The cut I designed above is my inspiration for today and tomorrow!
Recent History:  The Glamorous Shoulder Length Cut with Long Layers has multifaceted possibilities for styling   volume mess, position yourself by leaning your head downward proceed to power dry your hair for more body & movement that will complement this edgy cut. Long textured layers will move gracefully and move freely with the rhythm you may bring onto a dance floor!
Editor’s view: A Glamorous Shoulder Length Cut with Long Layers. This style is long and the layers will caress your facial features in a sexy manner.  Call below or email at will enjoy speaking with you!
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