A Great Hair Cut With Versatility For Women & Men

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic Monday: A Feminine Short Sexy Hair Cut

This Weeks Topic: Monday March: A Great Hair Cut With Versatility For Women & Men

When you have your hair cut, does your stylist show you a variety of ways in how to wear your new cut. Many of the times, stylist will give you one maybe a couple of ideas with your cut. To have greater flexibility will offer you more styles. Imagine that you wear a set parting, wouldn’t it be cool to switch to your other side? Wouldn’t be fun to have your friends, relatives or co-workers observe something different and fresh about you? You will love this new unpredictability! Keep everyone guessing and on their toes.. You may wear your hair back vs switching to sides or, wearing your hair forward for a shattering fringe. It’s fun to have options! Your fringe can be cut in a way where you will enjoy having more choices and, that will dramatically alter your look and keep you looking young at the same time.

The Editor’s View: Investing in a Versatile hair cut will bring more styling options for your grooming decisions and will save you precious time in your mornings, dampening your hairs ( no shampooing) add a stingy amount of coconut oil to your palms “apply very lightly “pat your palms onto your hairs” for grooming & shine. With a great haircut you can change your part or minus parting direct your hair back with a comb through your dampened hairs to create a more professional look.

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Winter is almost here and short styles are super-hot, please have a great week!

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