A New Punk Rock Shag For Women & Men

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This Weeks Topic: Monday March: A New Punk Rock Shag For Women and Men

I’ll bet for some of you out there, seeing or hearing the word Shag may conjure up memories, short & choppy layers on top with longer layers on the sides and the back of the head. Images may pop up with you, the “Rolling Stones” once considered (and your chromizones trust me, are not in overdrive) the bad-boys of rock! Some of us have experienced styles that were layered and choppy on the top as current as the early 80s, aka remember the mullet? : ) So let’s fast forward to now. Let’s choose the Shag and modernize this Sixties sensation by selectively cutting longer & shorter intermittent layers throughout the entire shaping. Fun stuff! And that’s really what we all want… is fun! Let’s go for broke and continue to master The New Shag’s look with sleeker lines for way-more femininity! Let’s create asymmetry to give this shape more freshness & visual interest that will transform into creative wearability as one of many styling choices. Versatility… you may switch your part to either side and, you’ll love the long-sleek fringe!

Editor’s View: The Right Shag, is Todays Funkadelic style with Versatility, cutting edge with British Punk Rock splash.

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Next Weeks Topic: Monday: A Long and Shattered Hair Cut

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Next Weeks Topic: Monday: A Long and Shattered Hair Style!


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