A Hair Cut That Will Compliment Your Life Style

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Last weeks discussion Monday: A New Hair Style For This Season

This Weeks Topic Monday: A Hair Cut That Will Compliment Your Life Style

One of the greatest assets a hair Stylist will create for you is hair cut that will look & feel great (morning, noon and at night) a shaping that will be dynamic and fun to wear formally and or at a British Punk Rock event. There is a lot of time & technology that a great hair stylist will employ when he or she develops a hair cut line that will give you more options along with greater ease in styling your hair! And when they freshen your style with a trim in about 6 weeks! So… how may a new person assist me on our initial appointment and help the cutting go smoother? They can shampoo their hair earlier in the day of the appointment. I will see all of their disruptive regions, hair-line & crown-growth patterns, cowlicks throughout so I could navigate and adjust to the lengths addressing all of these disruptive areas. You yourself know these patterns of resistance throughout your hair, it would be an excellent advantage for you and your professional stylist. You may try this with your current hair stylist especially, if he or she has had difficulties controlling these same issues during past visits!

Editor’s View: Please shampoo the day of your appointment. This will help you and I greatly to better understand your hair’s texture and growth patterns.

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Try to shampoo your hair the day of your app. and this should help, because it gives me that edge in understanding your hair growths and patterns

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