A New Hair Style For This Season

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Last weeks discussion Monday: How to Refine and Tapper Your Own Fringe

This Weeks Topic Monday: A New Hair Style For This Season

As we’re approaching Spring, (the most exciting time of all seasons) life returns! The greatest possibilities for growth appears. This is a fantastic time to introduce a fresh look for your hair with a new style! If you have a stylist that you are confident with and you’re ready for a change, request a consultation to update your look. Listen to some of their idea’s (being that he or she is familiar with your hair & growth patterns) and see if there is a good connection. There are upsides to designing a new look! How will your new hair style frame your features that may not have been addressed before. Another great prospect is how you’re going to style your hair. You may not have to shampoo your hair as often or using new products or none, some of the times. The new styling concept may result with greater independence to blow-styling! But to me the best upside to changing your hair style will add a sparkle in your eyes and you will look youthful!

The Editor’s View: Every so often it is always a refreshed feeling one receives changing up a style whether it is your foot wear, dress or especially your haircut & style. You may change your hair parting, or try a fun choppy or textured fringe to introduce & personalize your eyes & cheekbones. It is a most wonderful pick me upper to dazzle ones best features!

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Changing your style will boost your confidence and, it is a fun event!

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