A Textured Graduated Bob

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I Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: A Long Layered PIxie Cut

This Weeks Topic: Monday: A Graduated Textured Bob

The graduated textured bob is an awesome cut on wavy, straight to fine hair too. This edgy & modern cut shows off most of it’s base layering in the lower center of the nape with subtle lift (think wedge cut, accept this is longer-all around and the movement will show greater swing and fluidity). This cool style is accomplished with a razor at low elevation, when you look onto the wearers face, you will catch a sharp and graduated perimeter-line that starts near 1.5″ above and the ends taper in unity for an drastic-sharp perimeter line. Another advantage of this cut is when shaped onto wavy hair the razoring elegantly removes bulk & thickness. The subtraction of heaviness, results with greater shape for her cheekbones and in turn will make her eyes dazzle!

The graduated textured bob has many styling possibilities with ease, such as tucking one side of the hair behind a ear. Or power-drying it upside down with a little texture gel for added volume and holding power too.

Next week’s topic Monday: A Long Razored Hair Cut

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