A Women’s French Under-cut | September 6th, 2021

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday August 30th 2021 Describing an Under-Cut
This Weeks Blog : Monday September 6th 2021: A Women’s French Under-cut.
Recent History: The Femme’ Undercut originated in France as a blunt shoulder length haircut in the 1960s. The concept was to clean up any miscellaneous hair from underneath the perimeter line, to elicit greater hair movement for runway fashion models. The underneath layering was performed utilizing shortened layers progressing longer with each section for a greater inside-out beveled line that will either flip up, go under or to wear a more infinite line for greater movement.
Editor’s view: Terminated one-length cuts offer fun & creative ways for the hair to be styled today. The above description (under-cut) has an added feature… body for the fashionista who is not shy working with a dryer and brush and finished with a flat-iron to increase definition to her style. I like cutting hair well so that my clients will have an easier time finishing their hair or to let dry naturally without the use of a dryer! I would be very pleased to show You how..
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