A Translucent Bob | September 13th, 2021

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday September 6th, 2021: A Women’s French Under-cut.

This Weeks Blog : Monday September 13th 2021: A Translucent Bob ~

This cut is as delicate to admire and yet it will wear ruggedly for an active participant. This is not a bob although it is shaped to wear from nape to near shoulders. The difference from a bob are the layers transparent design. The layers are designed for longer lengths and are shaped with either the tips of scissors or the corner tips of a straight edge. This cut is preferably executed for certain hair, in the range from straight to soft wave & wavy hair for best results.

Recent History: This Raw Cut is a significant style in our recent genre for hair movement. Extreme comfort for active girls and sophisticated women

Editor’s view: If you have the hair textures listed above but your hair exhibits dryness my best suggestion is to apply a tiny amount of pomade on the palms of your hands then apply to your freshly shampooed hair and comb with the teeth spaced apart from one another with light strokes on straight hair or wavy hair post comb to scrunch lightly then let dry or power-dry when the hair is about 60% dry and wallah!

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