A Fun Sexy Cropped Haircut for Professional Women | September 20th, 2021

This Weeks : Monday Blog September 20th 2021: A Fun Sexy Cropped Haircut for Professional Women
One of the best perks a cropped or short haircut will reveal for the wearer is greater confidence that she will command for ease & charmed femininity and professionalism. Styling shaped and well cut hair is as easy as pie… I would embrace the opportunity to show you a few ideas on how, mostly with your hands that will be your best tools to coif your style swiftly and efficiently!
Recent History: The Cropped haircut has been around since Twiggy or if some are unfamiliar with the tag name she helped to put shorty cuts on the map for women in the 1960s as a fashion model.
Editor’s view: Short feminine hairstyles began in the 1950s and bye the 1960s grew with more frequency. The British models revolutionized their shorter cuts with popular appeal for the Women’s Liberation movement.


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