Cutting Your Own Bangs For A Round Designer Line

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This Weeks Topic Monday: Cutting your Bangs For A Round Designer Line

To cut your fringe in a rounded design you can either wet your hair (it is easier to grip wet) or cut it dry. Start by taking a center profile parting front to your crown. Then to create a triangle section section approximately you can go as far back at the crown or if you’d prefer cutting less from the top area, go 2″ – 3″ from your front hairline back 2 diagonal lines stemming from the center parting you just established, each line to your recession on either side. Now comb your hair straight down to approx. the bridge of your nose (depending on how long you’d like to wear your fringe.) After combing your bangs cleanly hold them forward near your nose and twist either way one full turn. Make sure the ends are flat, straight & centered (prior to twisting your bangs. Turn for one revolution using a hand over hand technique). Be sure that the ends of the hairs are clean, flat and down towards the bridge of your nose or where you’d prefer before you begin cutting. You may utilize scissors cutting across from either the left or right side depending on your comfort. You could utilize a texturing method by pointing the scissors into the ends of your hair or use a razor and establish a press-cut technique by pressing the razor into and away from the ends of the hair too depending in how comfortable you are and your creativity.

The Editor’s View: Cutting your fringe can be fun and a little challenging at the same time, but certainly not boring


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