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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Fun Styles with a Short Cut

The Benefits to a Short Hair Cut: If I may list all the benefits of a short hair cut. To start, it’s a great way to start over. If you’ve had a bad haircut, over your processed hair, or just need a drastic makeover going short is the easiest way to achieve a healthy start. It’s fresh, it’s new.

Short hair is incredibly easy to style,(disheveled or coiffed) and fast. If you’re lacking time, or just sick of all the time you spend in front of a mirror styling long hair, a short haircut is a great solution. Once styled, short hair doesn’t really become too messy, and if it does it’s typically a quick and simple fix.

One of the biggest benefits of short hair is that it most likely will not interfere with your workout routine. Short hair never has to be pulled back to exercise. It’s already out of the way. If you workout on a regular basis, you likely have to plan your hair routine around your workouts because the shower, dry, style process is such a pain to sork around. With short hair, the process is much simpler and easier to carry out. Suddenly a quick workout over lunch is no big deal.

If you’re a mom, a short haircut can be a lifesaver. It’s much harder for a baby to pull short hair, and with your styling time cut down significantly, it’s easier to find time to style your hair and feel put together. Not to mention, that less time in the bathroom translates to more mom-time.

Busy working women find that short hair can give a polished, professional look that lasts all day from morning meetings to client dinners. Of course, less time in the bathroom is also a benefit to professional women when time is money.

If your hair is thin, short hair can give you volume, body, and the illusion of thickness, where longer hair just falls flat. It’s much easier to mask thinning hair with a short cut that give the illusion of fullness.

One of the greatest benefits with a short hair cut will allow a woman to show her best features and her time will be spent efficiently!

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