The Right Short Hair Cut for You

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: The Right Short Hair Cut for You

Finding a Short Hair Cut that Works: Be Honest With Yourself

The first step to short hair is to be honest with yourself about your hair and your face. Pull your hair back into a tight pony tail and look yourself in the mirror. Pick out the things you love about your face, and the areas you’d like to compliment.

When you have short hair, you have the opportunity to expose the beauty in your face. You have the possibility to create shape in your face, give a wide forehead softness, enhance cheekbones with face framing, elongate your neckline, expose your eyes, conceal imperfections, create height, or even make your face look thinner with the right cut. Go to your stylist with a list of things you’d like to enhance, the areas you’d like to minimize, and ideas of cuts you like on other people.

It helps to find a hairstylist that you trust, that knows what she or he is doing, and that will take the time to help you achieve the right look! Especially if you’re making a dramatic change, it’s important to be confident that the person cutting your hair is on the same page with you.

To have the confidence in your stylist to create the right short hair cut is Paramount!

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