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This Weeks Subject: Monday: Get Ready Set Go For A New Hair Cut

Up-dos will not work, ladies who have committed to the pixie style do have alternative and good options such as to go for a style that’s a little bit more than your natural style. Depending on how long your short style is, the type of texture you add will be different. For ultrashort pixie cuts (think Anne Hathaway), go for a smooth blowout with lots of shine. Shorter textures look more format when they’re shiny and smooth. Spritz your hairs with thermal spray, like Rusk Thermal Shine Spray, prior to blow styling with a round brush. If you want to add a bit of texture, try working in Aveda Anti-humectant Pomade for an edgier look. (Pair sleek strands with a bold lip, but check out BellaSugar’s holiday makeup do’s and don’ts first.)

If your hair is more of the long-bob variety, why not add some curl like Karlie Kloss? After spritzing on your thermal spray, work in a lightweight mousse like Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam. Blow-dry your hair, then curl small sections with a half-inch curling iron in opposite directions. This will give your hair loads of movement.

Formal styles aren’t exclusive to women with Rapunzel-like strands. You may prefer a straight presentation with lots of movement. Repeat the above step with Mousse, blow style your hairs and polish them with a semi large round brush then utilize a “ceramic” flat iron to achieve greater straightness & shine. With the right direction, you and your hairstyle will be the talk of your next holiday party.

Editor’s View: It’s always a fun time of the year to show off some creativity by taking some classic styles with just a little updating to coif your hair for today and to utilize yesterday’s high standards to pull off A sleekly structured masterpiece that will dazzle your crowd whether at an opera or office event!

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