Girls – Let’s Rock A Shag!

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This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog November 22nd 2021: Girls ~ Let’s Rock A Shag – As Rock & Roll hairstyles go; they’ve boasted their own waltz on the cat walk and not exclusively for men & women entertainers to singers who’ve earned their credence bye taking their hair styling to another level! Take for instance and more recent Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Nena to name a few who’ve sported shag cuts in their day! The Shag I have modified has edge & movement. Each style I have cut will have versatility for clubbing  and will easily adjust for daytime work & professional agendas.
Recent History: Pictured here is a shoulder length Shag that is shaped to wear spiky and with chunky layers for your evening interludes. This cut has flexibility as mentioned earlier to suit for anyone’s day hours. Shoulder-length to longer styles with short to long layers are cut in a series of uneven layering that’ll serve your purpose with an interesting look and will transform into formal daywear.
Editor’s view: When the Shag was first realized it began as a radicle junction in rock & roll styling in the 1960s when these styles were introduced by The Rolling Stones, styling was off the beaten path to now-a-days with a greater range of twisted styling in a fun & creative manner.
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