Under-cut Pixie

Hope you’ve enjoyed last weeks Fred Stepkin Monday Blog November 8th 2021: Long & Layered Sexy Femme ~
This Weeks Posting: Monday Blog November 15th 2021: Under-cut Pixie
Why a short haircut for Girls of all ages? Show Your Best Features Release Your Inner Beauty!
Recent History: The Pixie Under-cut Ladies or Girlish style is Retro Yet Fresh. This cut is created from a combination and paying respect from eras past. This version illuminates our model’s sides & radial area with straight-edge & scissor over comb & top hair is dimensionally cut with scissor tips with greater control for the wearer to show a spiky finish.
Editor’s view: Shorty haircuts worn gracefully on Femme’s are fun and explorative. Pixie cuts can release a feeling of adventure, unpredictability and certainly easy for styling a take-charge glamor!
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