New Hair Styles for Women

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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: Part 3 Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Strands

This Weeks Topic: Monday: New Hair Styles for Women

There are two references in hairstyles. Young and old. Short Bob Haircuts this year will be fun be fun for the fashionista to style and to wear. Besides the short bob, is the long bob hairstyle moving with ones shoulder line that is an element of this years playful hairstyles. You can also add highlights deep shade coloring to bring out greater movement to add to your youthful look this year. Stylists are designing hairs that can be tucked behind one ear some asymmetry spice. Meanwhile back to hair coloring, you can use deeper color to bring out your eyes and lighter color if you have bedroom eyes for that fresh look. Besides that, shoulder length hair is the new trend this year.

For you this style the bangs need to rest upon your upper eyes. They will make a more girly effect for you. This style will compliment girls/women of all ages. Flexible styles for everyone. So have fun sporting your bob haircuts for 2017!

Next week’s topic Monday: Style Your Hair with Less Gel

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