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I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: New Hair Styles for Women

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Style Your Hair with Less Gel

Using any kind of hair product may seem like your hairstyle may turn into an endless calamity of errors whether you’re a novice or an experienced fashionista. So; Here’s my point of view for safer results. Post shampooing your hair, purchase a color comb in a beauty supply or drug store. The description is usually black handle with with large almost rounded teeth that makes it easy to run through any textured hair. Before blotting you towel blot comb through to help close your hair’s cuticles and to prevent knots. Apply some gentle towel blotting to absorb moisture. Next depending on the lengths of your hair apply a drop of gel to your hands. Be sure that your hands are wet so the gel or any product you choose will disperse easier throughout your hair, then comb through to the hair’s ends. (Try to feel only a hint of gel or product in your hair). To style, lightly scrunch your hair into the style you’d prefer let dry or when 80 percent dry power dry your hair. Gels works best on layered hair styles (keep it away from blunt-one-length cuts, use instead a tiny bit of coconut oil or pomade). It is more desirable to have too little gel than too much! Have fun and, any questions. Send them in..

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