Part 3 Tips for Styling Your New Pixie Cut

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday: Part 2 Tips for Styling Your New Pixie Cut

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Part 3 Tips for Styling Your New Pixie Cut

Change your Parting: “People have a misconception that just because you have short hair, you have to wear it the same way.” Consider that myth busted. Changing the placement of your parting can make a pixie feel entirely new. “If you have longer hair on top, like the way I sometimes style mine, you can sweep your hair to the side, part it in the middle, if your hairstylist textured your long top hairs in layers so you can wear them down in a soft-sweep bob or you can pull all the hairs back into a chignon.”

Add Volume: Some lift on top can turn a cool cut glamorous – and adding volume is easy. “Long hair has all of that bulk and weight pulling it down, but a short cut can make you feel like you suddenly have so much more hair.” To get a Miley Cyrus’s look I would recommend “Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic” this works well with medium – fine hair. This natural product will add shine and body to your hair. Easy to apply after shampooing, towel blot and leave your hair damp then comb a small amount through to the ends of your hair, tousle slightly and let dry naturally, or power dry for added volume drop your head downward and direct your blower up and you’re done!

When my client’s hair looks & feels great their confidence level spikes positive! A Pixie Cut will look fantastic on (it will frame your best features) you too!

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