Part 2 Tips for Styling Your New Pixie Cut

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: Part 2 Tips for Styling Your New Pixie Cut

Would you like to look like Charlize Theron? (Don’t we all?) The secret is to have your hair shaped and layered to move and fall into the right places, this way almost any product will compliment your hair with toughness and texture. This means picking lightweight waxes or pomades (from Aveda) and tossing anything you associate with sleekness, like gel or frizz fighters. I really like most “Aveda” products as they all work well on all types of hairs and that are cut Pixieish.

Waxes and pomades are great for getting a piece-like texture, but use too much and you could wind up with a greasy, spiky Kate Gosselin situation. A half a dime-sized dab is usually enough to get a roughed-up look, like Jennifer Lawrence’s shorter hairstyles. Or if you don’t trust your ability to practice pomade restraint, avoid it altogether. You may instead try some beach spray on dry hair to add grit and make hair look a little bit dirty and sexy.

When my client’s hair looks great! Their confidence level saws! An excellent chance that a Pixie Cut will look fantastic on you too!

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