Short Spiky Haircut

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This Weeks Report: Monday: Short Spiky Haircut

Spiky Haircut is diverse because it could be shaggy, short, cute or sweet. This spiky elegant stylish haircut that hides the woman’s age, will make a woman feel young and chic but at the same time it’ll create a tender and heartwarming style. It is a great choice not just for fine hair, but for thick hair too. Many Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman all love this haircut and every year show their fans new spiky hairstyles. It is equally good for young girls and women over 40. Haircut looks great with oval and round faces. The classic spiky pixie haircut means short hair, sometimes with bangs, on the sides and elongated at the back. Short layered spiky haircuts do not need to be careful about styling. A little tousled hair is not only permitted, but encouraged.

Editor’s view: Spiky Haircut is diverse as this dynamic haircut for the fashionista will complement all women no matter the face shape as to zero’s in on cheekbones and eyes! Spiky Haircut has attitude and it is fun, youthful and new. I also foresee this cut longer tucked behind one’s ears or choppy short everywhere everywhere else that will bring more focus onto all of your best features! The shaping is extremely flattering whether you’re in the range from zaftig to Twiggy, this cut will be right for you!

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