Mid Inverted Bob

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This Weeks Report: Monday: Mid-Inverted Bob

The medium length will present a compromise between short inverted bob and a more enigmatic longer tresses. In a medium inverted bob with bangs, one can already see the very essence of the haircut at the back of the head, locks get thick and voluminous due to their shortness, and at the front, long lock demand rapturous attention.

Wearing your hair in a medium inverted bob means that you can try any other version of the bob haircut (for instance, the asymmetrical one) without having to prepare for it for too long. Look for inspiration in the celebrity examples. Victoria Beckham and Kelly Clarkson have been both seen with this or that variation of the famous hairstyle.

It is difficult to argue with the statement that longer hair looks more womanly. A long curly inverted bob with multi-faceted personality, individual beauty and inner enigma. Locks that reach down to the chin and even lower, create a stark contrast with the short-cut top and back of the head. The neck remains open to boost the masterful combination of jewelry metals and gems with the natural tone of skin. Besides, long inverted bobs are relatively easy to style. It is sufficient to iron the hair straight, brush the bangs and fix the style with hairspray. Of course, some women prefer to have their hair waved with tongs, curls and waves look just as spectacular. That said, learning how to style an inverted bob will prove easy even for those who have not been too current on the beauty issues.

Editor’s view: There are countless ways to shape a bob. My liking for the bob will have the perimeter line angling in a subtle manner and cut-shaped with the right amount of texturing at the perimeter level for a newly etched designer line.

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