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Last weeks discussion: Monday: For Best Results this Season, Where an Up-do or Cut Your Hair Short

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Switch Fringe for Style & Versatility

What is a “switch fringe” you may ask? In today’s times, versatility and unpredictability are fun components when I direct my clients in how in how to work with their hair power-drying or finger placing their hair to dry natural. The direction many fashion designers look for is unpredictability and newness that moves with their fabric & cutting lines. An excellent hair cut will lend the fashionista greater choices in blending clothing & hair. Back to the “Switch Fringe.” It is a bang that tappers usually at the center profile point of the forehead lo approximately the bridge of the nose or longer. The switch fringe is designed universally to part off-center at a side you choose. This styled fringe does best when utilized with an advanced texturing technique, for that modern control and an irresistible edgy finish that can be universally swept either side.

The Editor’s View: Versatility and freshness are 2 of the most desired styling options for todays hair cuts! Your fringe or bangs are a prominent statement especially for your eyes & cheekbones. The term “switch” describes either left or right side profile lines. With either side parts, you will expose alternate energy because each side of your face has a different shape & character. As switch parts your friends & relatives who know you best will notice the upbeat change. It is stylish to switch your fringe, I love cutting this way as one fun option because the results & feedback I receive from my clients are nothing but joyful!

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