Switch Fringe Style & Versatility For The Fashionista

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Last weeks discussion: Monday: What’s Trending In Men’s Hair Cuts?

This Weeks Topic: Monday: Switch Fringe Style & Versatility For The Fashionista

What is a “switch fringe” you may ask? In today’s times, versatility and unpredictability are key components in styling hair… in whether you blow-style, set or go natural. The advantage is that people/designers that are in fashion want unpredictability. An excellent hair cut will afford the fashionista greater choices in styling their hair. Now back to the “Switch Fringe.” It is a bang that tappers in length at the center point. This switch fringe is designed to part center, off-center on either side. This style fringe does it’s best when textured for great control & manipulation for a fun edgy finish.

Editor’s View: An excellent haircut will offer versatility in however direction your hairs move, your style will looks great. These are two of the most desired benefits the Fashionista want mostly with todays hair cuts.

Next weeks topic: Monday: Add Natural Shine to Dull Looking Hair

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