What Is A Long and Shattered Hair Cut?

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This Weeks Topic: Monday: What is a Long & Shattered Hair Cut?

If you are a fashionista and you enjoy reading about hair styling trends… you may have seen a term called “shattered layers” and these words may sound drastic (they are not). Shattered layers is a term used to dilute unnecessary weight from thick to fine hair. This will lighten up the hairs ends for a more interesting line with awesome movement! Are there times that you’d like to treat your limp-fine or thick course hair for cutting & shaping for tapered, defined and fluid layers but you didn’t quite know how to ask? If your hair is not curly but has soft waves or is straight and you like what you see with catwalk models hairs wearing hairstyles you may desire. Here is how “that look” is attained. With a combination of cutting techniques and specialized tools to craft these trending hair styles. We are going to slice, tip & shatter when needed (fine tresses included) to produce more space within your hairs to create internal layers. This will offer fluid layers to the hairs ends. Some of the tools that I utilize are texturing shears, scissors and a straight edged razor that I utilize assorted angles of the blade so that I may achieve the best texturing results for your hairs! Partings on either side including styling towards your face for a more dramatic presentation or off to complement & pick up your best features!

Editor’s View: A Long & Shattered Hair Cut is about freeing up your hair’s ends. These fun & fresh haircuts are defined by removing the right amount of weight through a series of slicing & point cutting a progressive style of uneven series of layering for that British pop rock appeal or the aforementioned can easily adapt to a smooth black tie affair.

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