Will A Razor Cut Work On Everyone?

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This Weeks Report: Monday: Will A Razor Cut Work on Everyone?

Does a razor cut work for everyone? No it does not. A hot trend lately and it will look absolutely smashing on many different heads, it is not for everyone.

Razor cutting works best on wavy to straight hairs. A strong rule for hair that tends to frizz it is best to avoid having this texture cut with a razor.

I disagree and feel that some there are some curly hair textures that have shine and softness can be shaped with a razor successfully. Sarah Jessica Parker has curly hair and she looks good in her cut. It may work for you if you follow my criterion earlier.

Razor cuts will work great for people with long hairs that don’t want lose their hard earned hair lengths, but want to break the boredom of the same old look. Many stylists will use a razor on fringe or bangs to give people with long hair a new look without removing overall length.

Some hairstylists will also carefully use a razor to cut a slight triangular wedge shape around the face to open it up without impacting long hair. The wedge shape is carved into the overall hair shape for an invisible re-growth process.

Editor’s view: A modification to razor cutting is when a sharp pair of scissors are utilized to create a tapered effect with “point cutting, slicing or efforlating hairs-ends” that move and tapper into tomorrows look. This technique is highly valued in producing softness for thick, course straight and wavy hairs to the fact that the hairs ends are cut in at an angle which will cut down on heavy and bulky hairs for that free moving look of today.

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